We support insurers to help them deliver their services more effectively, adding value and building long term partnerships. We provide services to a number of household names.

Insureres & Mtutal

What we do

Our two main specialist areas for insurers are:

  • Administration
  • Investment Solutions
  • As an insurer you might have responsibility for the administration of legacy and/ or heritage arrangements. You may not consider these arrangements as part of your core offering and the costs associated with fulfilling your duties are therefore likely to be disproportionately high.

    If you are looking for an alternative, more cost effective way of fulfilling your commitments, we have a range of services that may be of interest to you, including taking on the administration of your Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes, SIPPs and SSAS arrangements.

    In addition, we provide a range of innovative solutions that could  help you convert your policies and simplify benefit structures and policyholder guarantees. These solutions range from initial strategic thinking and scenario modelling (based on take up rates), through to project planning. 

    We’ll also support the members of your arrangements, providing tailored communications and support, guidance and advice on topics that might include:

    • With Profits to Unit Linked conversion
    • Guaranteed Annuity Rate buy out
    • Benefit substitution

    Bulk Annuity Market
    We are one of the leading providers to the bulk annuity market, currently supporting over half of the current product providers through our extensive range of services, including:

    • Deferred and Pensioner administration
    • Deal pricing support
    • Cash flow generation
    • Longevity Re Insurance administration
    • Member de risking services
    • Valuation extracts

    Contact us to find out how we could work with you.

  • Depending on your needs and objectives, we provide a range of solutions including:

    Investment Strategy Review:

    • Sustainable investment returns with lower variance
    • Optimal mix of assets used to back technical provisions
    • Most profitable avenues for investing free assets
    • Asset Liability Management 
    • Matching using derivatives
    • Rebalancing investment portfolios

    Manager Selection:

    • Optimize selection of fund managers and fees
    • Ensuring rigorous levels of due diligence
    • Collaborate with managers on specialised mandates
    • Monitoring the current managers
    • Using quantitative and qualitative screening methods

    Governance Arrangements:

    • Acting as enablers to senior management
    • Ensure compliance with Management & Control principles
    • Assuring adequate risk management and internal controls systems are in place
    • Help establish formal, transparent arrangements to apply corporate reporting, risk management & internal control
    • Assist in maintaining appropriate relationship with auditors

    Regulatory Requirements:

    • Assisting in Solvency Capital management
    • Pillar II and Pillar III capital management considerations
    • Details of any reasonably foreseeable risk of non-compliance with MCR or SCR

    We see our role as that of helping you achieve greater profitability, we do this through a combination of reducing or maintaining your capital charge, minimising your tail risk and increasing your expected returns.