JLT Premier SSAS

What is a Premier SSAS?

The Premier SSAS is an occupational pension scheme and is established by a limited company, family run limited companies or a small business for its directors and senior employees. Put simply, a SSAS is a pension vehicle for business owners wanting more control of their retirement savings. SSAS members are trustees and will have control and flexibility over their SSAS assets and investment choices. A SSAS is registered with HMRC and benefits from the tax reliefs afforded to pension schemes.

Under the Premier SSAS members can take benefits via Flexi-Access Drawdown, Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) or an annuity on the open market. JLT Premier Pensions facilitate all income payments through our dedicated payroll department.

The Premier SSAS is a full SSAS and can invest in similar assets to the Premier SIPP. SSASs can offer other benefits for entrepreneurial business owners including:

  • Loans to a sponsoring employer (unavailable on a SIPP)
  • Purchasing commercial property to be leased back to your business (or third party)
  • Transferring assets from you (in-specie transfers)

JLT Premier Pensions will assist you and your clients with all your SSAS requirements.  We aim to make this complex subject as simple as possible, to ensure our members achieve the most from their retirement planning.

Our service includes:

  • Provide the governing trust documentation to establish the SSAS;
  • Register the SSAS with HMRC and other authorities;
  • Act as a professional trustee; manage the online HMRC reporting portal;
  • Maintain scheme records for the trustees;
  • Offer the facility to set up a bank account with our key banking partner, or a bank of your choice;
  • Facilitate all necessary transactions (such as investments, property purchases, loans, income payments, etc);
  • Provide technical support and assistance regarding the relevant rules;
  • Provide updates relating to rule changes;

Contact JLT's Premier Pensions team

Contact JLT's Premier Pensions team

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