HR Seminars 2018

The performance and productivity of your people is being impacted by the savings crisis - but you can change that

Whether it’s a ‘simple’ case of an increasing cost of living, paying off student debt, saving a deposit for a first home, raising a family or caring for ageing parents, your people are having to face up to greater pressures on their earnings than ever before.

For many, their financial position will already be causing worry and stress. Others may currently be completely oblivious, but that simply makes the problem a ticking time bomb for them, you and the wider UK economy.

These worries, whether now or in the future, will have an impact on the performance and productivity of your people. They also affect your ability to retain great people who may be tempted to leave you in return for the immediacy of a small pay rise which does little to solve their problems in the long term.

JLT Employee Benefits, in partnership with the business psychology company Robertson Cooper, have conducted a major survey to investigate these issues. Together, we would like to invite you to a complimentary seminar to discuss potential solutions and provide you with insights to guide your talent management strategy, ensuring it is fit for purpose and futureproofed.