Pension Governance Services

Our service for Trustees, Local Government Pension Schemes and Group Personal Pension Plans.

JLT's  Pension Governance Services offer a range of services for for Trustees, Local Government Pension Schemes and Group Personal Pension Plans, which can be tailored to your needs and experience, giving you the assurance that your pension arrangements are well managed and to evidence good governance.

Our services include, but are not restricted to:

Online Risk Register

Use our online tool, which has been pre-populated with the key risks associated with managing a pension scheme.  The questionnaire guides the user(s) through a series of questions grouped in specific areas.

Value for Money assessments for DC arrangements

Our independent assessment determines whether the cost of a service is fair in relation to the range and quality of services being provided.

Online Effectiveness self-assessment

Assess the effectiveness of your governing body by completing our online questionnaire, focusing on a number of key areas.

Website document storage solutions

An online repository designed to make the running of a pension scheme as easy as possible.

Scheme Secretarial

Balancing the aspects of scheme management in a stringent regulatory market fed by a continuous flow of new legislation, can seem overwhelming for all parties responsible for pension arrangements.  We can help you to achieve this by providing support in a number of different ways.

Governance Health-Check

Designed to provide governing bodies with an objective review of the governance of their pension scheme and make sensible recommendations for improvement.

Independent Risk Assessment

We will generate a risk register and an action plan based around areas of management and operation where the likelihood of risks being realised is highest and has the greatest potential impact on the pension arrangement and sponsor.

Please contact us to discuss how our Pension Governance Services Team could help you and your pension board.


Jayne Pocock, Head of Pension Governance Services | T: +44 (0) 20 3797 7645 | E:


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