Workplace Pension Services

Defined Contribution pensions are now the bedrock of retirement planning for private sector employers.

The impact of Auto Enrolment and Freedom and Choice Legislation has changed the Pensions landscape forever, however the fundamentals haven’t changed. Good outcomes come from well-run pension schemes with appropriate investment design and good communications.

JLT provide services to help employers and employees get the most from their workplace pension scheme:

DC Consultancy

For employers, we have a range of consultancy services covering scheme design, provider selection and monitoring, auto-enrolment compliance, investment advice and ongoing scheme governance. So whether you are setting up a new pension scheme or looking to get the most from your existing scheme JLT are your ideal partners.

To support your employees in getting the most from your workplace pension scheme we have a comprehensive range of communication and support services to guide and advise them from when they join right through to when they are deciding how to take their benefits.