Search Work on Investment Managers

Search Work for Investment Managers

Our SWIM service - Search Work for Investment Managers - has been specifically developed to relieve the procurement market of many of the headaches of investment manager search work, for primarily large private and public sector pension funds.

Via a menu style approach, SWIM offers the flexibility to adapt the level of involvement you receive from us, as your search consultant, to any specific requirements whilst keeping your hands firmly on the reins of the search by agreeing the level of engagement you wish from us at each stage of the process.

SWIM provides a clear and robust qualitative and quantitative analysis of all submissions received, backed by a proven track record of success, with a clear audit trail and a transparent, flexible fee structure.

Clients benefit from our economies of scale in research.

To date we have conducted:
  • 37 bespoke manager searches for mandate sizes between £14m and £1,100m (clients > £600m)
  • In excess of 350 managers given appraisal across 18 different asset classes
  • Database of continually updated research
  • Total value of mandates searched in excess of £6.2bn


Kieran Harkin, Director, Head of SWIM|T:+44 (0)161 9578 016|E: