The cost of running your trust-based DC Scheme

Based on our internal research in respect of costs for a typical scheme of 200 members, we have identified a payback period for DC wind-up of 2 years for winding-up a paid-up scheme, and 3 years for winding-up an active trust-based scheme and replacing it with a contract based arrangement. The different payback periods are shown below.

The cost of running your trust-based DC Scheme

Both lines relating to wind-up include one year of existing scheme running costs.

Every scheme will be different, but the key message is that DC trust-based schemes (particularly paid-up arrangements) can be wound-up cost effectively, and replaced with something easier to govern. That then frees up the employee benefit budget to spend on services that allow for a better return on your money.

Commission can in some cases be used to offset the costs of winding-up the pension scheme which generates even greater cost savings.


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