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The knowledge we possess through our internal research efforts is entirely proprietary, ensuring that it is not only forward thinking, but the data is relevant to our needs and the needs of our clients.

Through focused meetings with fund managers, we are able to compare and contrast different managers in a controlled environment and to cut through marketing spin, particularly in the more esoteric areas of the market.

Stock level and fund combination analysis

As an added string, monthly quantitative stock level analysis on scheme portfolios will identify the level and sources of risk and return, in effect determining whether fund managers are delivering on their promises and their investment process description.

This can be combined with further detailed portfolio construction and combination techniques to look at the factors that will influence portfolios and, for individual pension schemes, the impact of combining potential candidates with either new or existing managers.

Such analysis can provide valuable information on whether a scheme's managers are producing effective portfolios or whether the combination of funds is effectively resulting in paying for active management but ending up with an index portfolio.

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