De-risking Services | Employers | DB Pension Plans

We provide advice on de-risking aspects of Defined Benefit (DB) pension funds. We have extensive experience of working with trustees in partnership with corporate sponsors to serve members’ best interests.
We believe that Defined Benefit pension fund trustees should work with their advisers and fund sponsors to set clear long-term objectives for managing their pension obligations. Such strategies need to be set in the context of a clear understanding of the risks inherent in the fund.

Once established, the strategy must be closely monitored so that proactive action can be taken to reduce risk and increase the chance of meeting the objectives whenever the opportunity arises.

Whilst the Fund remains closed to new entrants and accrual, and no active members in the Fund it is gradually maturing. The DB section has the potential to remain in place for decades to come. However there are a number of different options/techniques now available to help trustees and employers to manage the DB liabilities and perhaps to help shorten the period that the Fund will be operating for.