Employer Consulting Services | DB Pension Scheme

We help you find the right solution for your Defined Benefit (DB) scheme

Whether you are an employer or a pension scheme trustee we know you are increasingly looking at ways to manage your pension scheme risks and liabilities.

We believe that it is essential for trustees and employers of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes to agree objectives for the future of the scheme in order to to avoid conflict or a disjointed approach.

Once your Defined Benefit pension scheme is closed it is in all parties’ interests to manage the risks and liabilities in a controlled, efficient and cost effective way.

Our corporate consulting team can help you regain control. We take the time to understand your corporate objectives and your KPIs. This helps us develop strategies to achieve your objectives, whether that is managing your costs short-term, or removing your liabilities long-term.

We can offer you:

  • A proactive and robust approach to scheme funding.
  • A liability reduction/member option programme.
  • An integrated funding and investment flight path that takes you to buyout.
  • Regular updates on your KPIs – accounting deficit, P&L charge, and PPF levy.


Rob Dales, Head of Corporate Consulting| T: +44(0) 7799 094 392 | E: rob_dales@jltgroup.com