De-risking Services for DB Pension Funds

With the changes in the pension landscape in recent decades impacting defined benefit schemes both trustees and the sponsors have to work together to safely navigate the challenges.

You can approach reducing and controlling risk in your DB pension scheme in two ways:

Manage your scheme:

  • Ensure your member data is accurate
  • Review your investment strategy
  • Take steps to reduce your Pension Protection Fund (PPF) Levy

Remove your scheme:

  • Restructure the scheme (if it remains open to new entrants and/ or future accrual)
  • Undertake liability management exercises such as enhanced transfer, pension increase exchange and trivial pension exercises
  • Take out a bulk insured solution such as buy-in, longevity swaps or buyout

Each scheme’s approach will be different and can be made up of one or many options to help manage or remove risk.

Do you already know the next steps you are going to take and you need help to implement them?

Or do you need assistance to decide which measures would be most beneficial for your scheme?

We will inform and consult with you to deliver a tailored solution to meet your scheme needs.


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