BenPal: Employee Benefits Management System

BenPal is the online integrated benefits management system from JLT Employee Benefits. Whether your company operates in a single country or across multiple regions, BenPal can capture your benefits data in a single database and provide one consistent interface for all your employees.

Since the launch of BenPal in late 2009, more than 3,000 companies have selected JLT as their benefits partner and moved their benefits online.

With instant access to accurate data and online processes, your company can exercise greater control over the costs and risks of running benefits, whilst letting your employees manage their own packages much more efficiently.

From inception through to communication and implementation, BenPal is not just a system, it’s a solution. For more information, please visit the BenPal website.

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Drake, Head of Rewards and Benefits Consulting| T: +44(0) 7827 662 232|