Good Pension Scheme Data – Why it matters and how to get it

11 February 2019

Data is your most important asset. Data quality is affecting both your service to your members and your management of risk. 

The days of good data as just a ‘nice to have’ are over. The mindset of all stakeholders should be that it is a ‘must have’ for many reasons – legal, financial and operational.

For these reasons getting and keeping good data should be a priority firmly at the top of your agenda. 

If these reasons aren’t compelling enough; improving standards of governance and data management are also high priority for the Pensions Regulators.  

We’ve created our ‘Good Pension Scheme Data’ report to help you understand; 

  • The legal position.
  • Issues caused by bad data.
  • How to transform dirty data into good data.

Download a copy of the report and be sure to join our webinar which is on the 7th of March from 10am.

For more information, please contact Adrian Chapman | +44 (0) 7585 888501 |