Investment Matters 2019

We are delighted to publish our Investment Matters 2019 magazine, which provides news, opinions and insights on a number of topics which will have an impact on investors on 2019.
Our main feature explores where the market cycle is going by understanding where we currently are in the cycle, how we got here and what plausible turns it could now take. Also in this edition:
Machines in the market - We take a look at the role artificial intelligence is already playing in the
world of finance, the benefits it brings and explore whether it really could revolutionise the markets and ultimately take our place.
Brexit, the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? – We explore three possible outcomes and the impact they will have on markets.
Heightened geopolitical tensions - With geopolitical tensions running high, we take a look at the history of trade wars and what it could mean in 2019.
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