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November 2017

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10 Questions to test the transparency of your fiduciary manager

The St. Botolph Building

In the wake of the recent FCA Consultation on the state of the Investment Consultancy industry it apparent that those responsible for their Pension Schemes wouldn’t know how to establish whether their Fiduciary Manager was transparent or not. Knowing what the problem is doesn’t help if you don’t know how to solve it. Join our webinar and hear about 10 killer questions that will help you put your FM to the test!

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Win win? Improving member outcomes and reducing pension deficits

As the UK’s largest provider of Pension Administration services in the private sector, JLT have been tracking the behaviours of scheme members since the Freedoms and Choice legislation changes in April 2015 and are seeing some interesting patterns emerging and also the impact that this is having on Defined Benefit Pension Schemes. Join one of our Seminars this November to hear about how members navigate the confusing options available to them at retirement and what that means for you.