Employee Wellness

You have probably had an employee wellness aspect to the benefits you have offered your people for years. Health insurance, employee assistance programmes and even workplace pensions, are examples of benefits that can address aspects of your people’s wellbeing.

When we talk about employee wellness, most people immediately think of physical wellness, how well they will be able to cope in the event of an illness or injury. More recently, emotional wellness has come to the fore, with people becoming aware of mental health.

Our approach to employee wellness takes this thinking to the next level. It includes the physical and emotional wellbeing of your people but also takes into account their financial and social wellbeing too. These four pillars of employee wellness are all interlinked. They are also linked to your company’s performance.


Healthy finances are essential to financial resilience, however few of us have been trained in how to manage our money. Our research identified that this was the case across all employees, regardless of levels of education.

Without financial resilience, the ability to meet unexpected costs or even day-to-day expenses can cause your people stress. They may be distracted and under-productive whilst at work, or even absent from work.

By supporting your people in building their financial resilience you will help them maintain control of their finances and giving them confidence to make financial decisions. They will have the peace of mind that they have appropriate financial plans and contingencies in place, which allow them to live within their budget while also planning ahead.

In doing so, you will help them to focus on their day-to-day life, including their work, free from financial worry – with a positive impact on engagement, productivity and creativity. Financial wellness impacts emotional and physical wellness too – so wellbeing is enhanced more generally.

How we’ll help

We’ll assess the current financial wellness of your people, their attitude to finances and their financial behaviour and how all of this is impacting them when at work. Then, having analysed the data collected, we’ll provide you with a set of recommendations to improve the financial wellness of your people and your business.

Once an approach is agreed, we’ll help you implement a programme to improve your people’s financial wellness and help you monitor the results.

Good physical health benefits everyone, but it is important to understand that approaches to and drivers for physical wellness are often unique to the individual.

Many of your people will know they should be doing more but, other than taking advantage of the discounted gym membership you might offer, may not know what or how to approach improving their physical wellness.

By raising their awareness of their own physiology and physical health, and how to maintain or improve it through targeted nutrition, activity and rest, you can help them maintain their health at the level they choose, helping them remain free from health-related worries.

Motivation is also key. Understanding the personalities and motivations of your people – for example ‘being there for my grandchildren’ rather than ‘losing weight’ – will help you identify how you can help to encourage them to enhance their health.

Healthy people are likely to be happier, more productive and at work more and they’ll appreciate the support their employers give in achieving their physical wellness goals, so your business will benefit and your brand benefits.

How we’ll help

We’ll assess your employees to benchmark their levels of physical wellness and to understand how well they know their own health and physiology. We’ll also find out how they would like you to help support them.

Using these insights, we’ll identify tools to enable you to support them in enhancing their physical wellbeing in ways that work for them.

Having the emotional resilience to cope with the expected and unexpected events helps individuals cope with common issues that that could otherwise cause stress and anxiety.

Currently though, assuming they want to support their people’s emotional wellness, a company will typically only offer an EAP. However, this is a reactive approach and is often under communicated and under used, and at worst, could be mis-trusted by the people it is there to help.

Only by understanding the things that impact the emotional wellness of your people, can you provide the right emotional tools and practical support to help your people manage these and help prevent stresses from building and leading to unplanned absences or long-term sick leave. It will also benefit their physical wellbeing and their financial wellness as being off work, especially long term, can mean a lower income.

By helping your people build their emotional resilience, you can prevent their concerns developing into stress. It is likely that they in turn will feel supported at work, will become more engaged with your business, generating greater productivity and increased creativity.

How we’ll help

We’ll assess the current levels of emotional wellness of your people to understand the elements that cause them stress. Using this insight, we’ll identify the tools you can use to minimise stresses and provide your people with the right support at the right time.

Once agreed, we’ll help you implement the solutions and monitor the success of the changes you have made.

Having the ability and tools to connect and interact with others in a fulfilling and interactive way means individuals can remain connected and engaged with colleagues, friends and family.

Stressful work environments, long work hours, challenging responsibilities outside of work and low morale can contribute to absenteeism, presenteeism and lack of engagement. But a connected person is a supported person.

The social wellbeing of your people is defined by the extent to which they feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion. It is essential for their overall health and wellbeing and can have a positive impact on your people, enabling them to work more productively and contribute fully to your workplace.

By recognising and promoting social wellbeing within your workplace, you can help your people to ensure they have the support network in place that enables them to realise their abilities and cope with the normal stresses of life.

How we’ll help

Using social and communication tools, we’ll provide your people and their families with personalised content, notifications, nudges and social interactions; all based on their personality traits. This will help them to build their engagement with your business and their colleagues in a fun and interactive way.


Our approach:

  • We start by working with you to capture your employee requirements and personalities. We do this with a carefully crafted survey.
  • Next, we analyse the results of the survey and give your business a wellness score. This score is the baseline against which we’ll measure improvements.
  • We’ll then provide you with strategic recommendations on how to improve the wellness of your people and support you in implementing those recommendations.

We believe that understanding the individual personalities of your people, and ensuring they know their own personalities, is key to improving their wellbeing. That is why our approach to your employee wellness programme is underpinned by targeted communications to your people throughout the cycle, ensuring the right people get the right type of personalised communication based on their individual needs and personality.

So, if you agree with us that your business is only as good as your people, and so providing them with the tools to be happy and healthy will provide a business benefit to your company, we’d love to talk to you.

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