Schools, Colleges and Universities

The health and wellbeing of your people play a fundamental role in keeping your school, college or university running efficiently and successfully. However, as the benefits landscape changes, your challenge to dovetail public sector benefits and government provision with commercial insurance solutions becomes harder.

We have been providing employee benefit solutions to the education sector for over 30 years. During this time our specialist services have developed to meet the ever increasing demands you face. Today, our extensive range of healthcare and wellbeing solutions are tailored to meet the needs of more than 80,000 employees at over 300 academic institutions and include:

  • Consultancy on a suite of benefits tailored to your industry
  • Administration, claims and support services
  • Benchmarking and broking services, with access to leading market providers

To find out how we could ease your burden and help ensure your colleagues have the best possible support, contact us.