RetireSure Essentials (RSE)

RetireSure Essentials from JLT helps you to meet the auto-enrolment and Defined Contribution pension obligations for your growing business.

Building RetireSure Essentials into your workplace pension strategy enables you to stay focused on growing your business whilst remaining safe in the knowledge that your workplace pension priorities and crucial obligations are met and your team is able to make the most of their pension scheme.

RestireSure Essentials helps you in three key ways:

  • A recommendation for a straight forward pension scheme from a great provider
  • Support in establishing your scheme and becoming compliant
  • Continued support to ensure you can run the scheme effectively and in adherence with the rules

In addition we can offer on-site education sessions for you and your employees working either with groups or as one to ones.

*JLT is not a pension provider; RSE compliments the service of your pension scheme provider and supports you for the issues where your provider cannot help. We provide professional support when it’s most needed.

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Will you be compliant in 2019?

Will you be compliant in 2019?

Do you know current regulations? Are you certain your business will meet requirements on time?

Can your business afford it?

Can your business afford it?

Future increases to employer pension contributions may means SMEs could struggle to afford the costs of complying. Are both you and your employees ready to take advantage of government-recognised schemes, such as salary sacrifice?

A survey of 1,002 SMEs by Bibby, a financial services firm, revealed that 16% believed the costs of increased pension contributions would put a real strain on their business.

Is your current pension scheme right for your business?

Is your current pension scheme right for your business?

As a small business, your needs are almost certainly different to those of a larger enterprise. The market has evolved since the automaticenrolment regulations came into force: there are now more sophisticated options out there – options which you and your employees may benefit from.

The key to avoiding penalties:

  • Set up correctly, on time
  • Remain compliant
  • Fix issues quickly
  • Otherwise fines can build up every day you are non-compliant

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