Developments in Employee Benefits law and practice

19 August 2019

HoC: Pension Scams

This House of Commons (HoC) library briefing provides information on pension scams, including a FAQ and a note on industry and Government responses to the issue. 

Latest AE Compliance Report 

The Pensions Regulator has published an updated automatic enrolment declaration of compliance report.

According to the report, between July 2012 and the end of July 2019, 1,535,859 employers confirmed that they had met their automatic enrolment duties. Also, 10,124,000 eligible jobholders were automatically enrolled into an automatic enrolment pension scheme during the same period.

Pensioners Income Series 1994/95 – 2017/18

This report examines how much income pensioners get each week and where they get that income from. It looks at how their incomes have changed over time and variations in income between different types of pensioners.

The population age distribution has changed a lot since the start of this series in 1994/95 and pensioners now make up a bigger proportion of the overall population. Changes in the economy and to the benefit system mean that the amount and components of pensioners’ average weekly incomes have changed over time.

Centre for Social Justice ageing report recommends age 75 SPA

This report proposes several recommendations intended to provide older people and employers with the support needed to unlock the potential of this demographic and enable older people to access the benefits of work. According to the research, without a concerted effort to increase the opportunities for older workers, individuals, businesses and the economy will suffer.

Recommendations include:

  • Enhanced healthcare support through improvements in occupational health, training in mental health first aid and further support for those aged 55 and over from the Work and Health Programme.
  • Increased access to flexible working.
  • Increased access to training opportunities through a proposed Personal Learner Account
  • Targeted publicization of the Access to Work scheme.
  • Implementation of employee tailored Mid-Life MOTs.
  • The initiation of an ‘Age Confident’ scheme that includes guidance regarding workplace flexibility, workplace adjustments, age discrimination, training and Mid-Life MOTs.

Provided that this apparatus of support is implemented, the authors propose an increase in the State Pension Age (SPA). The state pension is an important benefit that provides security to those who have retired. If we expect this benefit to continue along with other public services, a sustainable State Pension Age must be introduced. Recommendations include:

  • Accelerating the SPA increase to 70 by 2028 and to 75 by 2035. This will ensure that the Old Age Dependency Ratio (OADR) remains in the sustainable range of 20 to 25 over the next 20 years

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