Pension Decision Service

When approaching retirement your employees are faced with arguably one of the most difficult decisions in their lives, so whether you offer a Defined Benefit scheme, a Defined Contribution arrangement, or both, the Pension Decision Service provides support to your employees to help them make the most of retirement.

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What our clients say

Skipton Building Society: "JLT provided an engaging and thorough solution to a problem arising due to legislation, which encompassed providing various media for engagement and Retirement Relationship Managers to actually talk to our members. We are very happy with JLT’s Pension Decision team and the service they are providing."

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The five steps to retirement

Making the wrong decision at retirement could cost your scheme members tens of thousands of pounds over the course of their retirement. Our five step guide to retirement highlights some of the obstacles they may face as they try to make the right decision.

JLT Pension Decision Service


Did you hear about the 2017 Pension Decision Service bus tour?

In 2017 we hired a double decker bus and took our Pension Decision Service on the road. We visited four of our clients in three days, before stopping outside the Pension and Lifetime Saving Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Liverpool.

In doing so, as one of our visitors put it, we really took the discussion about retirement and pensions to the people.  

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