Investment strategies for DC pension schemes

23 August 2017

JLT's Head of DC Investment Consulting Maria Nazarova-Doyle talks about how you can ensure your pension scheme’s investment strategy is right for you and your employees.

Whether you are a member of a pension scheme, or as a trustee have a duty of care, or you are an employer already investing a lot of money into your pension scheme through AE contributions, you would probably want to know that you are getting a good return on that investment.

JLT research indicates a huge chasm between the performance of good and bad DC default funds. The difference in savings at retirement between those delivered by a Defined Contribution scheme with a good quality default strategy and a scheme with a bad one could be up to £500k.

In this video, JLT's Head of DC Investment Consulting Maria Nazarova-Doyle discusses bespoking and future proofing, and what a good pension investment strategy that looks like.

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