Defined Benefit Pensions for Employers

You generally have some control over factors that affect your business, but this is not the case with Defined Benefit (DB) pension liabilities. Our corporate consulting team can help you regain control.

By understanding your corporate objective and KPIs, we will develop solutions to achieve the objective whether short-term cost management or long-term liability removal. This would include:

  • A proactive and robust approach to scheme funding
  • A liability reduction/member option programme
  • An integrated funding and investment flight path to eventual buyout
  • Regular updates on KPIs – accounting deficit, P&L charge, PPF levy, cash requirements

For many employers, DB schemes are no longer the source of future pension provision for employees and their DB scheme has very few current employees in it. The scheme is still a volatile financial commitment that an employer cannot control and gets little or no benefit from. That is why our view is that every DB pension scheme should have an endgame in place.

Your endgame will be unique to you. By understanding your commercial objectives, we will design, implement and manage a detailed and affordable endgame that is commensurate with your business plans.

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Read our  latest insights