How do we get out of this Pensions Black Hole?

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Read our latest whitepaper on the state of DB pension schemes

The time has come to take a fresh look at the UK’s remaining defined benefit (DB) pension schemes.

At JLT we are experienced in helping our clients with their pension schemes and have a good view of the needs and challenges for both employers and trustees.

We have conducted research into the increasing challenges of managing defined benefit pension scheme deficits/ assets.

Our findings are the basis for our latest white paper titled, ‘How do we get out of this Pensions Black Hole?’ in which we attempt to find a lasting settlement on ballooning DB pension deficits.

With deficits having risen to the equivalent of £83,000 for every member of remaining DB schemes, we found that

  • Consolidation of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes could cut costs by £500M a year
  • Combining consolidation with benefit simplification will reduce costs even further
  • Savings could exceed £10 billion over DB schemes’ lifetime

‘Doing nothing’ is simply not an option anymore.