Financial Wellness

14 January 2019

It’s time to take a fresh look at your employee benefits. You should start by accepting that your people care less about the employee benefits you provide them with and more about what those benefits can do to help them achieve their financial goals.

You know that worries about money are a major cause of stress among employees and that stress is a major drag on business performance. So wouldn’t you be better talking to your people about how you can help them sleep better at night? How you can make them feel more in control? How you can help them make better good financial decisions that enable them to focus on their aspirations rather than just worrying about the next bill they’ll receive?

This is why we developed our Thinking Beyond Reward campaign, starting with the summer 2018 launch of our Thinking Beyond Reward Report. The Report started the conversation, but we feel it is important for you, your people and the UK economy as a whole, that we continue to lead this discussion, to help everyone change the way they think about employee benefits. 

We will continue to build on the contents of this page – publishing articles, inviting you to webinars and hosting videos – providing you with a single source of guidance and assistance to improve your people’s financial wellness, and in doing so improve your company’s performance.