Employee Benefits Platform

BENPAL is our next generation rewards and benefits platform, designed to help you attract, retain, engage and reward your valuable workforce and manage your employee reward and benefit programme.

Watch our short demo to see for yourself how easy it is for your workforce to access and manage their benefits:

For you as an Employer

Wherever you are on your benefits cycle, BENPAL can support you and your employees to address the challenges you are facing.

BENPAL has been designed to engage your employees and help them realise their value within your organisation, in turn ensuring that your investment is recognised by your employees. It will also help manage the costs of providing a benefits programme; eliminating inefficiencies and giving you control of your benefit data.

Our Reward and Benefit team will work with you to understand your needs and priorities, helping you devise an engaging programme using the following methodology:


  • Full understanding of your philosophy
  • Employee feedback
  • Key stakeholder interviews
  • Contractual promises
  • Benchmarking
  • Demographic analysis
  • Best of breed providers
  • Funding/deduction structures
  • Technology platform configuration
  • Communications
  • Reporting to payroll/providers
  • Documentation to employees
  • Measures against key objectives
  • Lessons learned
  • Adjustment to strategy
  • Celebrate success

BENPAL Benefits

Our flexible benefits system helps your business and your workforce thrive:


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