Career path case study 2

Curtis Phillips, Business Improvement Manager, JLT EB Operations Solutions

I graduated from Exeter University in 2005 with a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. After a couple of years working in retail I applied and was accepted for a job with JLT in the Administration division in Exeter. I was particularly interested in JLT as I was focused on using my background in Mathematics to pursue a career as an Actuary. I felt that experience in Administration would be highly valuable and would help me achieve my future goal.

In my first year at JLT I was heavily involved in the setup of a new calculations team, utilising an in house calculation system. I was fortunate that at the end of my first year I was promoted to the role of Senior Administrator on the calculations team. Working on the calculations team was an excellent experience as I, and all other members of the team, were encouraged to be innovative when solving problems. It was also a team that worked across all schemes in the office, which enabled me to learn a variety of different skills and build excellent relationships.

After a couple of years of building my administration knowledge, I joined the Actuarial Delivery team. However, I soon realised that I preferred my previous job in my old team.

In 2009 I was given the pleasure of managing the calculations team, which was now more diverse, and included Validator work as well as new projects. This was an amazing opportunity as I was able to nurture a team of excellent individuals who worked superbly together.

After working on many projects within Exeter and the wider Administration I was lucky enough to be trained on Lean Six Sigma in Mumbai, which subsequently took me to another new role within the Central Projects and Change Team. The main project that I was tasked to complete was JLTI migrations and operational issues. As the role was better suited to a position back in Administration so I moved back to the newly formed Operational Solutions team which serve the whole of EB operations. I thoroughly enjoy working on this team; there are many exceptional people and a huge breadth of tasks to complete.

All of my experiences in the variety of teams I have worked in have helped me learn and develop new skills and I look forward to my future at JLT.