10 October 2017

  • World Mental Health Day survey reveals 38% of employees have experienced an issue with mental health

  • Half of UK employees say stress is affecting workplace performance leaving them demotivated

A survey carried by JLT Employee Benefits has found that around half of all employees say that stress in the workplace is affecting their performance and leaves them demotivated.

The survey was carried out mark World Mental Health Day yesterday (10 October) which looks to raise awareness and encourage people to speak openly about mental health issues.

Of the 158 people that took part in the survey, 38% (60) admitted that they had experienced mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Disappointingly for employers, the highest number of people – 81 – said they experienced stress in the workplace on a regular or fairly regular basis, with 24 people admitting they were stressed all the time at work. A third of respondents (54) said that stress was making them physically unwell, with just under half (71) saying it had affected their performance at work. Just over half (80) agreed that stress was causing them to feel demotivated.

Disappointingly, nearly two-thirds (101) of respondents said they did not believe that their employer was doing enough to help manage stress in the workplace.

Adrian Humphreys, Group Risk and Health Director for JLT Employee Benefits, said: ‘It’s disappointing that so many respondents said they were experiencing workplace stress, and ever-increasing workloads and long hours will only further exacerbate this. We know that increasing amounts of stress in the workplace can result in reduced productivity and increased levels of absence and more worryingly, can cause serious long-term health problems for employees.

‘Employers need to identify the key contributing factors of stress within the workplace, and help their employees by encouraging them to talk openly about their concerns as well as any mental health issues they are experiencing. Reducing workplace stress is not only good for employees, but employers will see the benefit too as productivity increases and staff turnover is reduced. It really is a win-win situation for everyone.’

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The survey was carried out online and attracted 158 responses.

The results were as follows:

JLT Work Stress Survey

JLT Work Stress Survey

JLT Work Stress Survey

JLT Work Stress Survey